Doğan Atik

matrias ekibi

Doğan Atik, who is a Master Black Belt of Matris, was appointed as a Black Belt in 1997 when he started to work at Tusaş Engine Industries (TEI), who is a partner company of General Electric. Upon completion of his training, he accomplished many successful projects and won TEI’s “Best In Class” award by GE as the best Six Sigma practitioner in the world in 1998 and made significant contributions to TEI’s achievement for “Best International Supplier” award in 1999.

Doğan Atik, who was selected for Master Black Belt training by GE in 2001, supported all business partners, not only TEI, but also GE, as a Master Black Belt at domestic and abroad in the following years.

Since 2004, he has combined the Lean Production concept with the Six Sigma, leading the Lean Project and transformation efforts as a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt at domestic and abroad, primarily in the USA. During this period, he provided training and coaching support to projects for more than 2000 participants.

In 2011, he evaluated the leading candidate organizations in Europe as EFQM Excellence Award Assessor and managed TEI’s EFQM Excellence Award Process in addition to Master Black Belt responsibilities.

Between 2016 and 2018, he worked as a “Global Lean Six Sigma Manager” at Bundy Refrigeration company which is being operated in 4 continents and based in Germany. During this period, he managed the Lean Six Sigma transformations of factories located in various places of the world and coordinated their collective development and expansion.

Doğan Atik, who has been sharing his experience as a consultant since 2018, has given Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt trainings to more than 2500 candidates and coached his/her projects in 11 different countries in his entire career.

Doğan Atik is a graduate of Anadolu University, Department of Mathematics. He has Black Belt and Master Black Belt certificates from GE, Risk Management certificate from Deloitte and Evaluator certificates from EFQM.